Getting an Uzbekistan Visa in Almaty

Getting an Uzbekistan Visa in Almaty

We received our Uzbek tourist visa from the Embassy in Almaty, Kazakhstan in August 2016 using our Australian passports without any problems. Here is some information on the application process.

Embassy location and opening hours

The Uzbekistan Embassy is located at 36 Baribayev Street (corner of Gogol Street). It kind of looks like a doner kebab shop from the outside. There will be people everywhere so you can’t miss it.

The Embassy only accepts visa applications on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays between 3pm and 5pm. That said, we were able to apply at 2pm so opening hours appear to be somewhat flexible.

Documents required for visa application

You need to provide:

  • copy of your Letter of Invitation (LOI)
  • completed application form (your LOI provider usually fills this out for you)
  • passport photo
  • your passport
  • bank receipt for the visa fee (US$75)

We arranged our LOI through Topchan Hostel in Tashkent for US$40 per person. We have to stay there for at least one night, which is a fair deal.

Paying the visa fee

You will be sent to the CentreCredit bank around the corner from the Embassy. The embassy staff will give you a piece of paper with the payment information on it to pay the fee. You can pay the visa fee in US dollars or tenge. The bank charges a 250 tenge commission. Get the security guard to take a copy of your payment receipt (20 tenge). Return to the embassy with your payment receipt and collect your passport with your visa. Simple!

Processing time

We received our visa within one hour of arriving at the embassy – it was a very quick and simple process. There will be many, many Uzbek citizens waiting in front of the embassy. However, people applying for visas seem to get first priority. The security guard yelled ‘visas’ when we arrived and ushered us through the crowd. We have heard that other people have caught the attention of the guard by waving their passports and shouting ‘visa’. It may seem impolite, but it’s probably the only way you will get your visa.

Some nationalities do not require an LOI. If you apply without an LOI, we understand it can take up to two weeks to get a visa.

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