FAQ: Tajikistan E-Visa & GBAO Permit

FAQ: Tajikistan E-Visa & GBAO Permit

Getting your Tajikistan visa and GBAO permit is now super easy thanks to the recently launched e-visa system. Here are our answers to a few FAQs about the process.

1. Where do I apply?

Just head to https://www.evisa.tj/ – there is no need to visit a Tajik consulate.

2. Can I apply for my visa and GBAO permit online?

You will need a visa and a GBAO permit to do the wonderful Pamir Highway. You can apply for both of these using the online system.

3. How much does the visa and GBAO permit cost?

The visa costs US$50 and the GBAO permit costs US$20. You pay online using your credit card.

4. How long does the application process take?

Your application will be processed within 2 business days. Our visa and GBAO permit arrived within 24 hours.

5. Do I need exact entry and exit dates?

No. You will be given 90 days to enter, and you can stay for a maximum of 45 days. Although the FAQ page on the Tajikistan e-visa website says you need to enter the GBAO region on the date specified in your e-visa, there isn’t really anywhere to specify this. We entered the day after our visa ‘valid from’ date, and had no problems.

Your visa’s validity dates will look like this:

Valid From               Duration of Stay                   Valid Until

 23/08/16                          45 days maximum                      21/11/16

6. Do I need a colour copy of my e-visa?

No. In our experience black and white copies were acceptable at the border crossing and at check points.

7. Do I need to register with the OVIR?

If you stay in Tajikistan for 30 days or more, you need to register with the OVIR (Department of Visas and Registration). We heard reports of travellers being told they had to register with the OVIR regardless of the length of stay if they had an e-visa. However, this was most likely a scam. You do not need to register with the OVIR if you stay less than 30 days with an e-visa.

8. Can I use the e-visa at land and airport border crossings?


9. What’s the difference between ‘Tourism Sightseeing’ and ‘Tourism Vacation’?

Nothing. Just pick one!

10. What should we say our address in Tajikistan is?

Just pick a hotel in Tajikistan. They don’t appear to check whether you actually have a booking or not.

11. Can we still get a Visa On Arrival?

We understand that you can still get a Visa On Arrival (VOA) at Tajikistan’s international airports. The VOA is a bit cheaper than the e-visa. However, you can’t get a GBAO permit on arrival which means you have to trudge off to a a travel agency or deal with Tajik officials yourself. Most travellers seem to be taking the far more convenient e-visa option.

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