Photo Journey: The Pamir Highway

Photo Journey: The Pamir Highway

In September 2016, we hopped in a cramped 4WD to begin our journey along the Pamir Highway. We begun in Osh, Kyrgyzstan and finished our journey two weeks later in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. This incredible highway was built during Soviet times to transport military gear, and reaches heights of more than 4,000 metres above sea level. It has to be one of the most iconic (and sometimes dangerous) road journeys on earth.

Here are our favourite photos from our trip of a lifetime along the Pamir HIghway, the ‘roof of the world’.

Wakhan Valley Tajikistan
Three generations living in the same home in the Wakhan Valley, Tajikistan
Afghanistan Tajikistan border
Overlooking the river border between Tajikistan (left) and Afghanistan (right)
Bulunkul Tajikistan
An abandoned car in the tiny settlement of Bulunkul, Tajikistan
Yurt Tajikistan
Homemade cheese drying outside a family’s yurt camp in Tajikistan
Tajikistan girls
Two Tajik sisters with bright blue eyes in Bulunkul
Hiking Pshart Valley Tajikistan
Stunning views while hiking along the Pshart Valley in Tajikistan
Yurt Tajikistan
A small girl peers from inside her family’s yurt in the Pshart Valley, Tajikistan
The remote border fence between China and Tajikistan
Turparkul Kyrgyzstan
Watching the sunset over the small lakes surrounding Turparkul in Kyrgyzstan
Tajik grandmother
A Tajik grandmother who asked us for pain medication for her knees.
abandoned tomb Pamir HIghway
A bird settles on the side of an abandoned tomb near the Pamir Highway in Tajikistan


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