Hi there! We are Tom and Katherine, a couple from Australia. We have been backpacking the world together on and off since 2007, juggling travel with study and work. We have visited over 60 countries so far across Europe, the Middle East, the Americas and Asia – and we are still counting!

There are plenty of travel blogs telling you to quit your job to travel indefinitely. But that’s not our deal. Not all of us can (or want) to travel the world indefinitely. We absolutely love travelling but we also love our lives and jobs back home. We prefer the idea of taking a ‘career break’ (or two!), and returning home after a stint of travel. This means we can keep building our careers, see our friends and family, and keep in touch with our ‘real lives’ back home, while still travelling the world.

Our travel style is probably best described as ‘flashpacking’. We generally catch local transport, stay in private rooms in local guesthouses or hostels and eat local food, and we rarely hop on organised tours. But we are happy to splurge on a nice meal or a bucket list experience. Our suggested budgets in our Destination Guides allow for a few extra comforts – you could definitely do it cheaper if you’re on a shoestring.

So what do we ‘do’ back home? Well, Katherine is a senior policy officer for an NGO and Tom is a travel agent – both pretty good gigs!

We hope that this blog can provide realistic advice to other people wanting to travel the world, without leaving their lives at home behind. Happy travels!

We are currently in: Australia